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Have you experienced a birth that still bothers you? 

Maybe that fear is even stopping you from getting pregnant again, or enjoying your next pregnancy?

 In 1:1 coaching, we work at your pace and gradually resolve your issues. Due to the individuality in this form of coaching, we can delve deep into your story and thus proceed in a targeted manner, and appointments can also be tailored to you and your time window?

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Frequently asked questions about 1:1 coaching

It’s like this: we all carry our backpack of life with us. It contains all the good and bad experiences of our life. Good experiences inspire us and make everything seem easier. The bad experiences weigh down our backpack as if we had put stones in it. We carry this burden with us and eventually we even get used to it. During such a special situation as birth, our inner being becomes visible on the outside. This means that we cannot prevent one or the other stone from falling between our feet if we have not sorted and cleaned out the backpack well beforehand.

Example: A woman contacts me after a traumatic birth experience and already tells me on the phone that she suspects what was standing in the way of her birth: her own birth. The birth of her first child went much as her own is described. So she re-enacted her birth experience, as we would say in jargon. That means she unconsciously repeated her own birth because what she experienced there wasn’t sufficiently integrated.

Another example: A woman who has experienced one (or more) miscarriages finds it difficult to allow the joy and love for this new child in a renewed pregnancy for fear of experiencing the pain of the loss again. Although she is actually aware that she will also mourn if she largely hides the pregnancy at the beginning. She just doesn’t know how to deal with all these parallel feelings. This may have an effect on the bond with the new child.

You see how important it is to understand how and why our life story is affected. Basically, we don’t do anything here other than personal development 😉 and pregnancy or parenthood offers incredible potential for this! So use it!

Here everything flows purely from the trauma work, the bonding work and the birth preparation. Each unit will have different parts depending on the woman’s focus. The older child with whom the difficult birth was experienced is also included and assistance is given to heal the bond.

“The last birth was bad, so I can’t just imagine anything else that didn’t happen at all.”

The special thing about this session is that we let your body experience the birth that you have been so looking forward to and prepared for, as needed. We do not talk about what happened, but awaken the strength that is already in your body. So far, every woman has been able to describe to me exactly the moment when the birth went wrong. We let your body take the birth as it would have if given the chance. This requires thorough preliminary work and understanding of your birth experience. It will be clarified individually whether such a unit makes sense for you.

Yes, I offer home visits within 15 km of 65527 Niedernhausen.
Other locations on request .

You’re welcome!

It is very important to us to include your husband/partner in particular. Especially if they were present at the stressful birth and/or will accompany you at the next birth.

We (Anabel and Swen) also offer some sessions together as a couple for couples.

Sometimes there are urgent matters and questions between appointments.

Since personal support is so important to us, my 1:1 coaching clients receive my mobile phone number so that they can also contact me between appointments via WhatsApp or Signal if there are urgent matters.

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