Are you pregnant (again)?

Heal your birth experience!

Birth is much more than a physiological experience. To make your birth a beautiful experience, a holistic birth preparation is of great importance.
In addition, after stressful births, the focus should also be on the psychological wounds, and traumatic births should be psychologically reprocessed.

Are you right here?


A distressing birth experience

“This time everything should be different!” But how? Together we will work through your birth experience and embark on the healing path. Even if you are pregnant again.

Difficult own birth

Was your own birth difficult? It is stored in our cells. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the birth of the first child to be similar/same as your own. She is “reincinated”.

Miscarriage/Abortion/Star Child

No matter how you lost your child. The grieving process is so important. Especially in subsequent pregnancy, these issues come up again and need a protected space.


Your child is sick

Was your child diagnosed with an illness during pregnancy or after birth? Prenatal bonding and work-up are very helpful tools and methods here.

Get closer to your dream birth

Birth is much more than just a physiological act!

Anabel has a degree in psychology and has specialized in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology. She is probably the first birth psychologist in Germany. As a mother of 4 children and therapist, your companion for your dream birth and for processing stressful birth experiences:

“Many who hear the word birth trauma would probably deny having experienced one. Other traumas are obvious. But one thing is very clear, mental injuries require just as much attention and care as physiological ones.”

Now available in bookstores as paperback and e-book (only in German):

The practice book by THE BIRTH PSYCHOLOGIST Anabel Galster. To integrate and process your stressful birth experience and to prepare for your DREAM birth

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Childbirth is a relatively new field that has developed over the last few decades. Starting from the English-speaking area, it has now found its way to Germany.
Birth psychology deals with a mother’s mental health in relation to her body. It’s about how she experiences her pregnancy and birth.

The birth experience can affect the mother’s life for years to come. When a woman has a positive birth experience, she is more likely to experience happier parenthood and is less likely to suffer from postpartum depression and post-traumatic disorders. If she has a negative birth experience, there are many factors that can cause her to have trouble bonding with her baby, stop breastfeeding, or develop symptoms of PTSD.

For professionals

One of our major concerns – in addition to practical work – is to pass on knowledge from the field of birth psychology and to support the exchange between the various professions.

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